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Faggot. Let’s talk about the F word.

When I holiday’d in Australia last month, one of our outings was to see David Strassman, some hotshot ventriloquist from America [who was not Jeff Dunham]. I won’t drivel on an isolated name-and-shame, but I will say this: his show … Continue reading

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One: A Story of Love and Equality

Social movements start with subversive ideas and beliefs, and are then mobilized when brave people decide to act. But change is a threat to the status quo, and those who have invested comfort in said status will fight change. Those … Continue reading

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More Social Media Awesomeness vs. Westboro Baptist Church

I don’t know much about hacktivist group Anonymous and their friends, but what I awoke to on the internet machine this morning gave me an idea of how I feel about them. Remember my post about Reddit and Twitter campaigns that stopped … Continue reading

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Women Who Hate Women

Yahoo! Shine is the entertainment/lifestyle/fashion chapter of Yahoo!, responsible for my occasional reading delight including this cool-as fashion article [titled ‘Scary Beautiful’] that I linked to Aych a while back. Sorry for the punctuation overload. “I hate Anne Hathaway.” Alrighty then. … Continue reading

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Men and Their Skirts

This morning I put on a tee shirt and shorts. My tee wasn’t too tight or too cleavage-y, my shorts weren’t too short. I didn’t just choose these threads today, I chose them some months ago when I purchased them. But really, … Continue reading

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Radio Silence & Weeks Ahead

I’m here! PBJ is alive and well, despite last week’s banishment to hoodies and lazy beards because of university midterms. The University of Auckland is charging me thousands of greenbacks to stress out over writing an essay on Borat.  Among other … Continue reading

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F@cking UGLY c^nt: Cyber-hate in 2012

Think you’re tough with that keyboard broseph? Lots of people seem to feel that way. What drives allegedly normal, civil people to be so cruel? Everyone knows what anger feels like. But hate speech is running amok! WTF What do … Continue reading

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