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Modus operandi of a new-age California guy: ♦ Student, blogger, film buff and fashionisto ♦ Rollin' in hella deep & headed to the mezzanine


To anyone visiting this space, please note: I’m not dead. Just taking a break to re-evaluate things and focus on studies…PBJ will be getting renamed, revamped, redesigned sometime soon…stay posted! PBJ♦ Advertisements

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WATCH: Shoes by MisteR for Winter ’13

New Zealand’s favourite Christchurch-based label MisteR has a sweet surprise for us, just in time for winter: shoes! Here’s a catchy little peak from Mickey and Ra at how the shoes are made: MisteR’s shoe range is part of a … Continue reading

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Introducing: Clash Boutique

I ♥ music, movies, and fashion, especially when they meet up and make creative babies. Video lookbooks are the new thing in fashion, and it actually makes me wonder why this hasn’t been a thing already. Clash Boutique recently put forth their own … Continue reading

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‘Identity Thief’ Film Revvy User Rating: 5.7/10 21% positive PBJ Rating: 4.5/10 ♥’s What happens when you mash up Bridesmaids, Arrested Development, and Due Date? You get Identity Thief. Seth Rogan‘s latest comedy romp stars Jason Bateman as the well-meaning, hum drumming financier and Melissa McCarthy as the … Continue reading

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And here are my thoughts on the matter of Easter. Have a pleasant holiday x PBJ♦

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Food for Thought: Gianni Versace

You decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live. PBJ♦

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Trendspotting: Loud Trousers & Print Pants

In my early days of fashion interest, one rule was very clear: contrast is good. Contrast as in pairing bold with muted colours, lights with darks, loose fitting shirts with slimmer jeans, etc. Pants with prints on them never really occurred to … Continue reading

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