Brisbane Sandwich: Highs and Lows

So I was in Brisbane, Australia for a week. ‘Twas interesting, quite. Unfortunately this post is way overdue as the first days of uni have been keeping me well busy ❤


1. This trip marked the end of summer school, a getaway before the proper year starts.

2. There was bubbly at every turn.


3. The food! We stayed with my aunty, who on the first night fed us with about every seaborne delicacy you can think of. And then some.

4. The shopping. TradeSecret in particular, probably my favourite thing about Australia.

5. Triple Zero Variety Children’s Charity Ball. It was somewhat surreal sitting at a function similar to those I’ve worked dozens of times, lovely ball it was too.

6. Rainforest walk! Never been to a rainforest, much less an Aussie one.


1. All of the rain.

And some flooding!

2. Didn’t manage to spot a roo anywhere. Wallabies were (w)all about, but no roos.

3. Missed Macklemore in Auckland :*(

4. Spent half the time hungover after the ball and then a case of sinutis straight after.

5. I was surrounded by AUSTRALIANS!



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