Weekly Sandwich: Highs and Lows


1. Valentine’s Day. I used to hate Valentine’s Day because I didn’t have a Valentine and I thought V-day was stupid. Now I just think V-day is stupid. But it was a good one in the end, sushi in Parnell included.


2. The Auckland Pride Parade! What I knew of pride parades, having never actually seen one, included some pretty loose imagery. I had to work at Egoist which sits right on Ponsonby Road. And not gonna lie, I was antsy. But I got into the spirit and had a little play with the mannequins. Parade-goers loved it! Pride Parade proved a good turnout, everyone was is high spirits, and I’d even say it was family-friendly. Go Auckland!

3. School’s out! After a not-so-long and not-so-grueling summer school, which still sucked by the way, I’m a free and buzzy bee. Which also means…I’m off to Brisbane on Thursday! Packpackpackpackpack

4. I Love Ugly’s first drop of ’13. Lusting, hard.

5. ‘Reality’ TV and such. I don’t know what it is, seeing how the other sides live just does that thang for me. Anything from Louis Theroux to Laguna Beach. Except for Kardashians, I draw the line at that shit.

6. Showing off my socky-wocks

Socks from Urban Outfitters
Shoes from Egoist

7. Harlem Shake! With every great movement comes a lot of haters, but still I love this craze. Finally something to replace Gangnam Style, I was starting to have some pretty violent feelings there.


1. Lime green polos. Who ok’d this?

2. Disingenuous people. I’d respect someone so much more if they straight up said: I don’t like it. Be polite, that’s one thing. But don’t be a prick.

3. Seriously, where does all my money go?

4. Said Harlem Shake haters. And Macklemore haters?? You can’t please everyone, I guess. Whatever.



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2 Responses to Weekly Sandwich: Highs and Lows

  1. Love the colourful undies on the mannequins 🙂

    Though there isn’t much reality TV I can stand, I like the ones that are competition based rather than fly on the wall. Put me in the club of Harlem Shake lovers. This one is one of my favourites: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZ81a3MD1aY.

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