Huffer AW 13 Preview[s]

“Whether it’s climbing mountains or kick’n curbs, ‘Uphill Battles’, Huffer’s AW 13 collection is a tribute to chasing angels and fleeing demons, a range inspired by Mountaineering and the Wilderness.”

Shot, Edited : Luke Byrne
Music: Ryan Kenny
Directed: Ken Griffen, Sam Hickey, Luke Byrne
Models: Ella Verberne, Matt Hall, Callum Smith
Stylist: Zara Mirkin

So the video doesn’t show much, such a tease. The outdoors theme tho = we can gather and guess what this collection will entail. Here’s another clue:

You can preview the collection, chow down with a coffee-donut combo, and meet the Huffer design team on Friday 8 March at “Huffer’s Free Coffee Friday”! It’s all free as part of Fashion in the Big Little City series.

I’m be at Free Coffee for a little mingling, come and mix with me?



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