Weekly Sandwich: Highs and Lows

First sandwich in a while…I’ve been out of jelly! And motivation.


1. All of the movies. Somehow I’ve found the time to view 7 of the 9 Best Picture noms, including 3 this week. Lincoln and Amour remain, more on that coming soon.

2. Wonderful web-based wastes of time. Including but not limited to:

3. PBJ is now a part of the NZ Blog Collective! NZBC was started by Dani and a couple other bloggers I met at NZFW, world domination happening soon.

4. I posted my first WIWT! See below.

5. Moving house! I wasn’t planning on this move midway through summer school. But when change is necessary, change is good.




1. Moving house. As much as I needed a change, ’tis a bit stressful sorting shit out.

2. Oh yeah, I have a degree to study for. Ugh.

3. This week I finally caught up on and said goodbye to the last episodes of Jersey Shore and Gossip Girl (by the way, Gossip Girl is made-ya-look). Total #FWP but these two shows have headlined nearly 6 years of my TV consumption. I took a moment of silence.

4. I can’t seem to control my love affair with fat food.



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