One: A Story of Love and Equality

Social movements start with subversive ideas and beliefs, and are then mobilized when brave people decide to act. But change is a threat to the status quo, and those who have invested comfort in said status will fight change. Those who fight change and social movements hold fast to their own beliefs in opposition to the brave social movers.

Beliefs are powerful, noteworthy, and often dangerous. What happens when we are blinded by our beliefs is we forget the importance of people. Becca Roth has produced a reminder of that importance.

They were yelling their beliefs, and we were yelling ours right back at them. We called them ignorant. They called us sinners. We were all extremely heated, and the experience was cathartic.

These kinds of conversations happen every day. And nothing gets accomplished.

UpWorthy has taken notice, and I’m obviously excited to see this gem! Find out more about this project and the team behind it [including my good friend Meredith Tyma, holla] at




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