Where You At?

O hey, holiday hiatus! I’ve been busy/not so busy ringing in the new year, starting summer school, and generally avoiding the webernet. I do appreciate the few concerned messages, but I assure you that everything is all gravy. I just post when I want to post, not because I feel I must post something, post anything. And I can’t promise that a hiatus won’t happen again, or regularly. I seem to have a love-hate relationship with social media. And then there’s this little thing called my degree keeping me occupied. In any case, here are the recent haps:

Orphan Christmas

I don’t have any respectable pictures of Christmas Eve/Day, but this sums it up:

That, ladies and gentlemen, is Hurricane Amanda.

Orphan Christmas with the other unwanted kids of Auckland was a success. A big, alcoholic, deep fried success. Hurricanes aside, the mess wasn’t too bad in the end.


Vuja De: New Year’s

Before talking about NYE, know this: Don’t EVER book a rental car with DriveSmart car rentals. They might just ‘lose’ your booking email, and other chaos ensues.

Aside from car troubles, I’d have to say my New Year’s was a massive success. It was a far cry from being stuck in bumf*ck Oregon, like last year.

We drove Betty White [said smelly van, no disrespect to Miss White] up to Kaitaia, the northernmost town of any significance in NZ.

For NYE prospects we went to nearby Ahipara, where we parted ways with Betty and half our stuff. This was because we had to 4-wheel it around the reef, which could only be done when the tide is out. At this point a small part of me feared some kind of cannibalistic end to my New Year’s.



It was amazing. Tents, a swamp, plenty of booze and joyful souls.

By the way, vuja de = “I have the feeling I’ve never been here before.” Clever, right?


New Prospects

I now have a small writing/marketing position with Bold & Beautiful, a new online clothing boutique based in Auckland. More on that coming soon, hopefully.

Also settling back in with my old job at Egoist! Hallensteins was a dud to work for, I must say. And now I have a new coworker at Egoist, we’ll be taking over the world.


California Calls

I’m officially off to the states in July!


Chili Peppers

The Red Hot Chili Peppers came to Auckland, and did not disappoint. Obviously. Hits like ‘Under the Bridge’ and ‘Californication’ were my highlights, as I only know the Chilis on radio terms.

Image by Triple M

Regular posts resuming soon, now that life is settled again.



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