Weekly Sandwich: Highs and Lows


  1. Running into my NZ fashion week wifey Aych, twice!
  2. Apocalypse fail! I can’t lie, every time the lights flickered at work on Friday, we all poo’d a little. Not literally, that would be gross. Oh and people did crazy stuff.

    Then a group of five tourists dressed in white made their way across the plain, dropped their bags and faced the pyramid with their arms raised before park officials cleared them away.

    As the sun climbed into the sky, a man with dreadlocks played a didgeridoo – an Australian wind instrument – at the north end of the pyramid. Nearby groups of tourists meditated on brightly colored mats.

  3. Found my badass ring!batman
  4. Franklin Road lights! Not as intense as some of the displays in good old USA, but I enjoyed the festivities.franklin
  5. PBJ gets shortlisted for a marketing assistant post with an online fashion shop, updates on that coming soon [if it’s good news].
  6. Shleepy baby eating banana.
  7. Christmas is coming! The people and the atmos are freaking out. Auckland weather has been so hormonal lately, with sparring sunny and rainy bits. I think it rubbed off on Aucklanders who have gone off their rockers whilst Christmas shopping. We who are confined to the city are having an orphan Christmas, involving a ton of booze and chocolate.
  8. This lulzapallooza from Jezebel.
  9. Realizing it’s not just me, _______ is actually a dickhead. I hate passive aggressive SM posts, but I had to get this out of my system.


  1. Poor again. Seriously I don’t know where my money goes, I guess canned tuna is too lavish a lifestyle?
  2. Working in retail makes you forget your sense of self-worth sometimes. It also makes you cynical. Look at me with disgust and horror, dear customers, when I say hello. And god forbid I try to help you around the store that I know far better than you. Whatever.
  3. Not many lows to report this week. Life is good!



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