More Social Media Awesomeness vs. Westboro Baptist Church

I don’t know much about hacktivist group Anonymous and their friends, but what I awoke to on the internet machine this morning gave me an idea of how I feel about them.

Remember my post about Reddit and Twitter campaigns that stopped evil-incarnate Westboro Baptist Church from picketing funerals? Well WBC is at it again, chiming in on the Newton, CT school shootings.

WBC Tweet1WBCTweetIn comes Anonymous and company to raise a little mischief!

Step 1: Anonymous makes a video to wage a virtual war on WBC

Step 2: @CosmoTheGod hacks and redecorates the Twitter account of a WBC matriarch and ‘alleged human being’, Shirley Phelps:


Step 3: Anonymous starts a petition to the White House that would remove their tax exemption as a ‘religious institution’. And adds a second to have WBC legally recognized as a hate group.

White House Petition WBC tax exempt

I’m sure there will be more to come. Keep an eye out for updates from Anonymous on Twitter and such.



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