Weekly Sandwich: Highs and Lows


  1. Getting Yahoo! Shine’s attention on Twitter, including a re-tweet of my article ‘Women Who Hate Women‘. Sorry JoDoug, maybe next time you’ll be nicer.
    Shine Tweet
  2. Flying back to Auckland. I love planes, and flying.
  3. My new castle in the suburbs. I haven’t spent nearly enough time settling in, but it’s getting there.
  4. Working. Like hospo and retail shit. And thus being less poor.
  5. Christmas shopping. For a guy, I do love consumer therapy. More on that and the ‘man-card’ thing I mentioned in last week’s sandwich coming soon.
  6. Fish and chips in the sun, so good for the soul.fishchips
  7. Finally finally finally seeing ‘The Hobbit’! Despite the pretty average reviews, I was thoroughly entertained.


  1. My new castle in the suburbs. Public transport gets expensive.
  2. Girls in heels, shorts, and a baseball cap. Make it stop.
  3. The IRD, Studylink, unnamed employer’s payroll, and university. They all seemed to have one thing in common this week: making my life harder.
  4. Overly keen beans. I love enthusiasm, but some people should do less.
  5. Another shooting in the states :*(
  6. Realizing I start school again in a few short weeks. I guess student allowance is the silver lining there?



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