Women Who Hate Women

Yahoo! Shine is the entertainment/lifestyle/fashion chapter of Yahoo!, responsible for my occasional reading delight including this cool-as fashion article [titled ‘Scary Beautiful’] that I linked to Aych a while back. Sorry for the punctuation overload.

Sour grapes, anyone?

Sour grapes, anyone?

“I hate Anne Hathaway.” Alrighty then. Hate is a strong word, but that’s your call.

“I hate Anne Hathaway. I’m going to write about it.” OK, go for your life, if you have nothing better to do.

“I hate Anne Hathaway. I’m going to write about it. Many people will read it because I work for a popular online news publication. This will be just great, I’ll show that successful bitch.” Right, you’ve lost the plot.

Yesterday I read this Hate-on-Anne-Hathaway rant on Shine, and it made me sad. ‘Scary Beautiful’ was by the same writer, which made me even more sad because I had a reasonably good opinion of her thus far.

Joanna Douglas’ article, which featured on Yahoo! NZ’s main page, isn’t just in bad taste. It also feeds into three unfortunate cultural patterns:

  1. New Zealand’s inclination towards Tall Poppy Syndrome. Kiwis, expats, and immigrants can all likely sense NZ’s championing the under-polished achievers; those who, dare they ever climb the ladder of success, should be slandered for enjoying or celebrating their own achievements. Not everyone can rise to the illustrious and superfluous gig of Yahoo! Shine editor, but you would think those who manage to become successful with their writing would have a bit more class. The article suggests to me just how insecure the writer must feel if this is how she attracts readers. What’s more, Douglas is helping to bring down the already paltry standard of New Zealand journalism. *Amend: I realize Douglas does not work in NZ or for Yahoo! NZ.* meangirls.jpg
  2. The gendered process of ‘relational aggression‘, and sexist views it breeds = the Regina George theory. Cattiness and gossip have been given a lot of attention in recent decades, almost exclusively as feminine processes. Resulting is a new form of legitimized sexism, on which we [as in the public at large, not just men] can dismiss a large portion of conflict/’drama’ that women face [which may have very real consequences].
  3. Popular culture’s subduing of leading women in film, television, etc. Women in lead roles face an uphill battle as it is. If you’re going to criticize, how about basing it on something relevant to her moral fibre or abilities as an actress? Oppressed groups need support from within, in my white/middle-class/male-privileged opinion. The all too real glass ceiling in the film industry does not need a double pane.

‘Why Do People Hate Anne Hathaway?’ the article is titled.

Why do people write about hate in a way that propagates it? Why does Douglas want to bring her fellow woman down? What is the point?



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