Weekly Sandwich: Highs and Lows

So I though I’d try out another weekly series, inspired by Katherine. I figure it will force me to think about how awesome life actually is, despite some weekly stinkers.


1. M’birthday. It was magical. Attempting to surf, hitting town with people twice my age, eating mum’s good food and drinking her good beer, slip and slide, bubbly by the hills, and a helicopter ride! Looking back at my Instagrams, there was a lot of alcohol.

2. Getting money for said birthday. Being poor was just not fun any longer.

3. I saw these derps. They a’ight. ❤


4. My social media boner is back, a la Tumblr, Instagram, and of course WordPress! Seriously, I have about 5 stories that I’ve started on but haven’t sunk into yet. And I found some inspiration for more post series, which are actually my speed. Winning!

5. Out of Auckland for a wee while. It has to be done, now and again.

6. Catching up on television. Yes I am that lame. “Mrs. Brown’s Boys” for the fecking win.

7. B-E-A-utiful weather in Hawkes Bay. And going back for more in Auckland.


1. Gnarly bruises from the slip and slide, and a new collection weird tan lines. I will soon be 50 shades of white.

2. I’m properly into my 20’s. “you[‘re] on the downward slide to 30. it is approaching fast!” Thanks Dani.

3. Unfortunate little persons who hold a grudge. Really tho, why?

4. Jenna Marbles is sad 😦

5. Being away from the ball and chain, I have to admit she’s grown on me. I think it’s Stockholm Syndrome.

6. The phrase “man-card”. No.

Hi-ho, back to the city I go!



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