New Prospects (And stuff like that)

The stuff and the things, they’ve all been happening at once. PBJ’s recent hiatus has given me time to reflect on what I want for myself and this blog. But the lack of bloggery and Twitterage (and Instagramming too) has definitely been a conscious decision. And not a happy one, but one which has created anxiety. Blogger’s guilt is real! So is blogger’s brain, according to UrbDic.

After university concluded for the summer, I was feeling resistant to the technological ties that bind, and I didn’t want to trap myself in the mode of posting because I felt like I should post something, post anything.

But I’m back, new living situation and new job in tow. And with time to reflect, I’ve decided on a new stage of the blogging process. As a cultural pilgrim I’ve wanted to explore my interests and let this blog’s focus form itself, to see what I can sink my teeth into and what keeps my mind racing at 2am. But also I’ve wanted to keep the promise I made myself some months ago, that this blog is for me. If people read, super. Fan[fecking]tastic. If not, no bother. This is a body of work that envelopes my tastes and my opinions.

Having said that, if you are one of the regular readers then I’ll clue you in: watch this space for more advocacy rants, trendspotting, film and music reviews. Plus the additions of Thoughts on Thursday, The Weekly Sandwich [Highs and Lows], and [hopefully] coming soon: WIWT.

Also pay a visit to PBJ Tumblr for my photoblog, which I essentially treat as an online mood ring.

Again, my tastes, my opinions. Call me a tall poppy for thinking they matter. I certainly think so.

Cue Chiddy



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Modus operandi of a new-age California guy: ♦ Student, blogger, film buff and fashionisto ♦ Rollin' in hella deep & headed to the mezzanine
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