Sorry internet, I’m cheating on you with life at large.

1. Flat-hunting and moving my life’s possessions.

2. Changing jobs.

3. Reeling off of uni exams, and presenting a marketing plan to Microsoft NZ in 10 days.

4. Rebuilding my social life with friends, who I’d be lost without.

5. Leveraging cash monies to survive the summer period before summer school starts.

6. Neglecting my social media presence and blogs. As noted before, this is a hobby. I wish I could blog my little life away every day, but life has been getting in the way. Apologies! I’ve gotten a few message about this, promise I’ll get better soon 🙂




About prettyboyjim

Modus operandi of a new-age California guy: ♦ Student, blogger, film buff and fashionisto ♦ Rollin' in hella deep & headed to the mezzanine
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