Tuning In #6: Lydia Cole

Wrapping up my “Tuning In” series for End of Daze is Lydia Cole!

Lydia is another up-and-coming kiwi artist that admittedly reminds of Zooey Deschanel by voice and a childhood friend by face. Basically, she’s the latest realization of the girl next door in New Zealand music.

“Blind Boy”, accompanied here by some very charming animation, is the first single from Lydia Cole’s debut full-length album Me & Moon!

I’d say a kind of angst-without-the-attitude characterizes Lydia’s overall sound. Her lyrics draw on common themes in pop music but with a calmed ambience similar to Jack Johnson’s.

Follow Lydia on Twitter, like her fan page on Facebook, and check out more of her tracks on BandCamp (or you can purchase them on iTunes).

And of course come along to hear her play this Friday at Auckland uni! The event is free to anyone over 18. Again: come find me, we’ll drink beer.



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