Trendspotting: New Zealand Fashion Week

Patterns, patterns, all of the patterns. And I mean patterns in style, aka trends. PBJ readers may remember my first trendspotting post from last month highlighted a camo comeback and the return of studs. I liked it, and with NZ Fashion Week on the brain there’s a treasure trove of trendspotting.

Women’s clothing is not my bag, but trends I feel are an overarching concept. Here’s what trends I found and fancied:


Silver and [some] gold fabrics were everywhere. Check the silver loafers and lace ups worn by Zambesi models, also more collections than not featured a silver dress of some length.

Image by Always Sometimes Anytime

Charlie Brown
Images by FourEyes

Images by FourEyes

Red + Cherry/Wine Shades

The red spectrum was  good to see, I’m a sucker for burgundy and darker reds. This jacket by Stolen Girlfriends Club is immensely cool. As with the silver dress, a staple in many collections was a red dress of varying lengths and formalities.

Stolen Girlfriends Club
Image by Max at SnapStar

Image by Nikau Hindin of FashionPhotos

Image by Max at SnapStar


I know what you’re thinking: mesh, yikes. I think in moderation mesh is potentially amazing. Picture this mesh guys’ top from Stolen over another long-sleever [you would never wear it by itself]. As an added element, mesh makes an outfit more “I know layers” and less “I’m too sexy for my shirt.”

Stolen Girlfriends Club
Image by Max at SnapStar

Images by FourEyes

Riddle Me This
Image by FourEyes

Other trends cited were dashes of yellow, sets of orange, a few PVC materials, and fur. I wanted to see more orange on the menswear front and fur is not something I’d advocate [except faux all the way]. And of course crazy awesome patterns were everywhere, not uncommon at Fashion Week. But until I see a consistency in the type of patterns running around then I see no trend.

Also I have to shamelessly plug Egoist here, whose current/outgoing winter collection featured both a mesh-layered hoodie and silver chucks. I was proudly wearing my ‘Space Boots’ at Zambesi’s show:

Remember these?

Just sayin’, we were on to something!

These trends will be the ones to look for in A/W 2013, keep those eyes peeled.



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