With Ingrid Kesa of OysterMag

When I learned I’d be ‘minding’ VIP at NZ Fashion Week, my knee jerked towards one thought: “I hope they’re not bitches.” Although in an industry infamous for pretentiousness, I have actually met a lot of genuinely nice people. Ingrid Kesa turned out to be one of the nicest. From her colourful NewBalance kicks to the witty banter, I could tell Ingrid was a good egg. She’s also a hotshot writer for OysterMag.com, a fashion & culture site based in Sydney.

I have to admit, I never read Oyster before learning I’d be minding/stalking one of their writers. A quick Google lead me to an article about Ingrid’s neo-hippy, dream-enhancing sleep experiments. This first look was when I knew we’d get along.

Here’s a mini-interview with Ingrid, from one of the few moments we had between everything that went on at NZFW.

After Stolen Girlfriends show, NZFW

PBJ: Ok first question, the obvious, what is your name and what do you do?

Ingrid: My name is Ingrid Kesa. I’m the web editor of Oyster Magazine.

PBJ: What brings you to New Zealand Fashion Week then?

Ingrid: So I’m here to report for Osyer’s coverage of a few shows with one of our photographers, Jeannine Tan, who is really awesome. She’s shooting backstage for us, and then I provide the words.

PBJ: An what have been your favourite shows slash what shows are you most looking forward to?

Ingrid: Well I came last year as well, and was really impressed with what I saw. I love Zambesi. They’ve got a really strong following in Sydney as well. Also crushing on Stolen Girlfriends Club. I saw them at Australian Fashion Week so I’ll be looking forward to them tonight [Thursday of NFW]. I’d never heard of Riddle Me This, but I really liked their style as well. Also came across Ruby last year and that was really good!

PBJ: You’ve done well for yourself, now working for Oyster. How does someone get to where you are? What’s the short version, I mean.

Ingrid: Well basically I’ve been at Oyster for a year, and before that I was studying media and communications at uni. I was also working at a few other publications and freelancing on the side. So basically, for years I was doing as many internships as I could and freelancing and all that. You have to just go for it.

PBJ: And if your friends could describe you as an animal AND a colour, what would they say?

Ingrid: [After a series of oooo’s] I think maybe…a long-haired guinea pig. My housemate and I are OBSESSED, we really wanna get a few, not just one, a good few. Probably because I have really long hair, I’d be a long-haired guinea pig wearing hair clips.

As for colour, I guess purple? As A$AP Rocky would say, “Purple, purple, everything is purple.” Purple drank, hahaha.

I had an amazing week kickin’ it with Ingrid, maybe one day we’ll cross paths again. And hopefully it won’t be a stalking situation.



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