Fashion Fashun Phashun Week

New Zealand Fashion Week, what a week! But really it was just 3 days for PBJ. The trade shows were mostly on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, with a few shows on Friday. I apologize for the lack of bloggery, I thought I’d leave it to the pros and I wanted to focus on my ‘job’ at NZFW. I mentioned before my role this year: VIP Media Minder for Anna Jobsz PR.

That’s right, I’ve joined the Instagrammer world. And I love it.

My VIP was Ingrid Kesa of Ingrid didn’t have a working NZ mobile with her, so I had to do some old-school stalking like a clingy fanboy. It was my job after all, and Ingrid was mad cool about it. An interview with miss Kesa will be up soon, plus another trendspotting post [NZFW edition].

Anyway here’s an overview of PBJ’s adventures at Fashion Week:

The Yay’s

1. Being there! I hate to go cliché but the two words that define Fashion Week are style and energy. Sartorial stars come to shine, and the anxiety of organized chaos makes FW one hell of a time. Starting out with a mean feed of finger foods with the other minders and PR team was the right way to go, our hosts even popped champagne for us. With a sword.

Image by Dani

2. The people! I caught up with so many familiar faces and met heaps of cool new peoples, including celebrities and some of the biggest fashion writers in town. I have big love for the AJPR team, they were awesome people to work with. Also in attendance was international party photographer Mark Hunter of CobraSnake.

Image by Katherine

Mark is a fellow California dweller, a vegetarian, and a dead nice guy. I managed to score one of his coveted badges! What a legend. I’d list my other new friends in the local media scene if not for fear of forgetting someone. You know who you are 

3. My FW wifey! One of my top-rated bloggers, Aych, was such a face that I saw e v e r y w h e r e. Aych is massive flirt and a joyful soul, we made the most of photo ops and the Remix Magazine photo booth.

Aych, the doll, also featured me in her post series “Faces of NZFW”.

4. The shows! I had access to every show with Ingrid [and then some]. “People die to get into those shows”, my old landlord said when I first volunteered at FW in 2010. Stolen Girlfriends Club and Zambesi were top-notch, and newcomer Dmonic Intent made waves at the New Gen Show.

Stolen Girlfriends Club
Image by Lani


Dmonic Intent
Image by

The New Gen Show holds a special place in my heart because it’s where I first came across Egoist a year ago!

Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the Huffer show/party as it was in Takapuna, and by Friday bed was calling.

5. The parties! A few drinks with VIP after Andrea Moore’s show and the Stolen Girlfriends Club shindigs in particular. The SGC after party was at super trendy nightclub Cassette 9, where Randa the Kid was rapping a storm that just lit the place up.

The Meh’s

1. Auckland Weather…thankfully old Auckers held out for most of the week, unlike fashion weeks past. But we still saw a fair show of wind and rain.

2. The narcissism…with a fashionable crowd comes a few inflated egos, insincerity, and straight cold eye-stabs. Though some of this made for entertaining banter on Twitter via #overheardatnzfw. Props to Katherine Lowe for getting that ball on a roll.

3. The stress…I know, saying fashion week is something to be survived is a tad drama-rama. But as I mentioned, I had to keep track of someone without a phone. It was not good getting caught by PR without my Ingrid in tow.

4. Internet at the venue…those who were there will share my disdain.

5. …I’m clearly running thin on the negatives, mostly because the week overall was a blast! As my friends and followers will have seen from my picture and status spamming.

I confirmed the need for a decent camera, which would’ve made my NZFW experience more vivid. Plus not having to rely on other sites for images, or my shintzy little phone camera. Maybe by next year I’ll have amassed the money for one and will be a big bad fashion blogger sitting in the crowd, instead of standing behind it.

But one has to start somewhere, no?



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