New Zealand Fashion Week Coverage

Remember, remember, the first week of September! NZ Fashion Week is here again, another one of my yearly unhealthy obsessions.  The Viaduct Events Center in Auckland will be a madhouse for the next 6 days, I love it.

I’m told my expected availability ranges 9am-10pm [a casual 13 hour day] so PBJ probably won’t have much chance to cover all the happenings, but my updates via Twitter and Instagram are a good bet. I will do a summation post early next week, likely including an interview with my VIP media face. At this point I’m told I’ll be escorting Ingrid Kesa of [!]

Anyway I thought I’d take the chance to direct PBJ readers elsewhere and support two up-and-coming NZFW bloggers who will be covering and whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

  • Dani Just Is – Content Manager for the official NZFW blog [] I met Dani at Egoist’s A/W launch party earlier this year, lovely girl and full of energy so she’s the perfect candidate to attend every single show at FW. And trust me, shit is exhausting!

  • Sammy Salsa – Inside Reporter for Channel FOUR’s coverage of FW. Also met Sammy as an Egoist contact. Again, really lovely guy and good to chat with, I’m sure he’ll have lots to say so keep your eyes on FOUR! I’m perfecting my wardrobe for the week in the hopes that I’ll get snapped by Sammy!

Then there’s the veterans league, but they don’t need any more publicity 😉

Happy Fashion Week!



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