Rock Concert: Do it for Jethro!

“I dislike music” said no one ever. I always wanted to be someone who kept up with rock gigs, because let’s be honest, it’s always better live. But also because rock gig type people are usually mad cool.

A n y w a y, there’s a live rock gig coming up this weekend in Auckland, but it’s not just a gig. It’s all for a sweet little man named Jethro Morrow who was born with HUS (Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome). Basically, his kidney’s are knackered and he needs weekly plasma treatments to stay alive. There is a drug that can help Jethro to fight HUS, but it costs a cool $500,000 [!] a year. And because of the cost the New Zealand gov won’t cover it.

Photo: Cute..? We think so!!! ♥<br /><br />
Come a long to Jammin for Jethro this weekend to support our amazing little dude and you really can't beat live bands! Hope to see and meet lots of our wonderful supporters, who's support has meant so much x<br /><br />
All details can be found on Jethro's page :)

Jethro’s parents and co. are doing their best to raise the money, but as you can imagine $500k is a slightly uphill battle. Which brings me to the concert: $10, that’s ten bucks gets you a night’s worth of live music from fantastic kiwi bands including Invader Cain [real nice guys, met a couple of them when Egoist sponsored the band].

OR for $15 you get entry to both Friday and Saturday night shows [Saturday’s show will feature kiwi metal bands]. 100% of the money raised goes towards little man’s much-needed medication.

Information on the concert is here:

If live music isn’t your thing, there are other ways to help Jethro. TradeMe auctions or online donations are alternative options, find out more on Facebook:

And check out the Herald’s article on Jethro and the concert:

See you Friday night?



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