Radio Silence & Weeks Ahead

I’m here!

PBJ is alive and well, despite last week’s banishment to hoodies and lazy beards because of university midterms. The University of Auckland is charging me thousands of greenbacks to stress out over writing an essay on Borat.  Among other things, of course. That little paper called a degree at the end will allegedly make it all worthwhile.

In any case, the midterm break is here! That means lounging in the sun, maybe watching a few movies, catching up with mates…AND NEW ZEALAND FASHION WEEK!

Just a few measly days away from the best organized chaos you can imagine. This year I’ve bumped up to ‘VIP Media Minder’. Not sure who I’ll be escorting just yet, but possibilities range from Annette Lamothe-Ramos from Vice US, Mark Hunter of Cobra Snake, and Pannee Ng of Butterboom. In exchange for a few days of my livelihood I’ll be riding around town in a Beamer and slipping into trade shows with my media face. “Don’t let them get lost, and be available from 9am-10pm Monday through Friday.” Challenge accepted. Interview[s] with fashion experts and show reviews are to come.

Preparation for FW is key, seeing as how the event is a networking gold mine…and judge me, whatever, but I have planned out what to wear. Egoist makes a regular appearance in the week’s wardrobe, the overall plan is dressy and smart but with a playful edge. Evidence via Instagram also coming soon.

Also set for this week: Film Revvy of Wes Anderson’s latest film Moonrise Kingdom, and I’ll tell you a about a little Aucklander named Jethro and how you can help save his life.

Bye bye bye!



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Modus operandi of a new-age California guy: ♦ Student, blogger, film buff and fashionisto ♦ Rollin' in hella deep & headed to the mezzanine
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