Trendspotting: Studs & Camo Print

All the grunge of 1980’s fashion is screaming back: fashion weeks and street style told me so! Take notice: from Paris to New York right down to our little Auckland, camo is back and studs are riding the wave.

Paris spring/summer 13: camouflage print

Image by

Notice the collar:

From NZ’s darling Zambesi:

Image by

Punk rock shoes, on trend from Egoist:

Image by

The best part is, camo is everywhere…

Image by

…and studs can make for an awesome DIY project:

Image by

I personally am not a particular fan of either, but I could definitely see the studded collar idea growing on me. As well for camo print, I’d go for an updated take, like this:

Image by

Military and rugged have been on rule in the fashion world, I can dig it. Love or hate these styles, you probably won’t escape them in the coming months.

And if you can be bothered, a wee history of camouflage in fashion:

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