A Week in Review: Film, Fashion, Fighting over blond bombshells.


On Sunday I caught up with my friend Patric Seng at the inaugural launch of Saya Photography! Held at Kam Talent studio in Mount Eden on Sunday, the event was simple and intimate, with musical performances and a fashion show featuring Egoist and Lex.


The styling team included the likes of Sammy Salsa, Dee-liscious makeup, and Darren Meredith. I caught up with Patric for a wee bit to ask him about his new venture. “I’ve been through so many other parts of the fashion industry: design, modeling, editorial…and now I want to put all of what I’ve learned into becoming a great fashion photographer. I’m always reading and obsessing over fashion TV and magazines, so I thought, why not live out the obsession?”






‘Like’ Saya’s Facebook page and follow this link for more photos!


PBJ has been really heavy on the film reviews so far, but only because the NZ Int’l FilmFest was in town! I mentioned somewhere before that I’d done 30+ films at the last two festivals. I don’t recommend it. It’s an unhealthy obsession, but sometimes it takes squeezing a lot of lemons to get the juice.

This year I’ve held back at about 20 films. Eski couldn’t help but tag along ♥

Our highlights were Beasts of the Southern Wild, Call Me Kuchu, Cabin in the Woods, Side  By Side, and Bully. Bravo to the film fest organizers on another fantastic year!


Another weekend working at Egoist! Last week’s buy has worked its way into my wardrobe nicely, all day e’rry day.

They’re called ‘Space Boots’, only $179 in store or at egoist.co.nz. We also have a BOGO deal on right now, get the boots and anything else $179 or less is free!

Our branding shoot for Spring/Summer ’12/’13 with Robin Smith was also this week, updates on that coming very soon!


A little post on PBJ created a stir on Sunday with “My ‘coming out’ story“. The response has been overwhelming, on both sides of the issue. While some where not so enthused, many more  were supportive. I don’t regret it! Big chur to those who had kind words!


August means New Zealand Fashion Week is fast approaching! Visit their website for a list of designers showing this year. I’m most looking forward to Zambesi, Huffer, and Stolen Girlfriends Club. Also to get your hands on discounted designer garb and see runway shows open to the public with a ticket to Fashion Weekend!

This year I’ll either be minding international media or assisting AJPR. That’s what two years of volunteering as an usher will get you!


The other night my flatmate and I have indulged in a little TV machine-watching, which brought us ‘The Voice’. HOW HAS DELTA GOODREM GONE UNNOTICED?? After picking our jaws up off the floor, he called shotgun. I couldn’t help but feel a little sad. The next day he made a peace offering: whoever doesn’t get Delta gets Blake Lively, and I could choose first.

I told him that Delta and I would send wedding invites around by next week. Sucka! Not that he exactly came up empty handed. Hey, guys gotta dream, right??


Rain rain, go away. Really though, eff off.

This was what I found on my way to uni the other day. Crazy! Apparently August should be the last month of Winter in NZ. Counting down the days…

Thanks for reading!


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