Film Revvy: NZIFF Presents ‘Call Me Kuchu’

This is PBJ and I have things to say about Call Me Kuchu!

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PBJ’s Rating: 9/10 ♥’s

Once in a while a film comes along that puts your worldly reality in check; Call Me Kuchu is one of those films. Imagine telling the world you are gay, knowing there are consequences to that. In today’s first-world bubble, this is largely accepted or at very least tolerated.

Now imagine telling the world you are gay in the face of extremism, violent bigotry, and a government that wants to hang you. That was the case for David Kato, Uganda’s first openly gay man. His story will astound.

In Call Me Kuchu, David Kato bears the burden of seeking justice for Uganda’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community, otherwise known as ‘kuchus’. Fighting homophobic laws and news headlines that read “HOMO TERROR!” are the top orders on Kato’s agenda. Backed by activist friends, local Bishop Christopher Senyonjo, and a constituency of closeted Ugandans, Kato makes brave advances in local courts and appeals the United Nations to seek justice for kuchus. Read a full synopsis here.

Bishop Christopher Senyonjo is by far my favourite character, a short and round man who I’m guessing is a huge fan of purple! He provides a safe support system for kuchus in the film, even taking on his religious superiors to defend his congregation’s most hated.

Then there is obviously David Kato himself, an international hero and a man deeply admired by PBJ [and Eski]. Full of life and likable in his own right, Kato was courage in human form. David Kato was silenced by murder in January 2011, but his message will carry on in history: “They kept on saying we are not here; but as of late, we are here.”

Readers in Wellington can find NZIFF showtimes for Call Me Kuchu here. Everyone else, look for a return to theaters in coming months!

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  1. Talosia S H says:

    Sexuality is not an issue in this modern world. There are much more important topic/issues to address. So in my own opinion….. Thou shall not judge. Live life the fullest. We all human with every rights to lived our life to the best we cant. James great writing.

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