My ‘coming out’ story.

This is PBJ, and I have things to say about the story of my ‘coming out’….

Now that I have your attention, no, I’m not telling the world at large that I’m gay. Despite what some dude trolls in high school thought, I am a heterosexual. I like women. I might do unspeakable things to Ryan Gosling if he showed up. But that’s beside the point: this is about my coming out in full support of queer rights.

I was raised in California with christian values, in a christian family. Church on Sundays, bible study on Mondays, and youth group on Wednesdays. Yeah, we lived hard. Homosexuality was not something talked about regularly, if at all. That was until my church left the Episcopal sect over appointing gay clergy members, which coincided with the Prop. 8 case in California law. (Ammend: I am NOT bagging on christianity here!)

Up until that point, I held the belief that homosexuality was wrong. Not because it had been strongly regarded so in the bible, but because it was icky. Because the generation I looked up to wasn’t ‘comfortable’ with it, so it must be wrong.Since moving to New Zealand, my views have changed. And not because the liberal bastards at university brain-washed me into their Godless agenda. One of the first great friends I met turned out to be gay. He was afraid to tell me at first because of how he thought I might react. This broke my heart. Since then several more of my closest friends, in NZ and back in California, have been brave enough to come out as well.

My outward support for LGBT rights has evolved in the last year especially, even if it was just posting news links to civil rights victories around the world. But when something like this is so close to fruition, it needs full and true support. Today I took one step further and emailed two New Zealand MP’s about why they should vote in favour of the Definition of Marriage Amendment Bill.Go to get stats and info on the bill and to drop your local MP a message. For Twitter users, follow the updates on #marriageequality and I strongly urge everyone to check out Aych, one of Auckland’s leading bloggers and a huge asset to the LGBT community!

This is our generation’s defining civil rights movement. Be a part of history!

Thanks for reading!

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3 Responses to My ‘coming out’ story.

  1. AYCH says:

    These are awesome words PBJ!
    Equality FOR ALL!

  2. Liduina Van Nes says:

    Proud of you James… for thinking and exploring on your own…

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