Film Revvy: NZIFF Presents ‘Side By Side’

This is PBJ, and I have things to say about Side By Side!

IMDB User Rating: 8.3/10 Rating: 100% Positive [!]

PBJ’s Rating: 8/10 ♥’s

Like Room 237 this is a film about film, but with more believable convictions i.e. those interviewed don’t try to make connections between carpet patterns to a history of sex, WTF. Keanu Reeves and his facial hair take us on visits to virtually all the most major players in the film industry, to investigate their thoughts on ‘the death of film’ as digital tech takes over.

What I really loved about this documentary was the collection of everyone from Robert Rodriguez and Lars von Trier to James Cameron and the man himself, Martin Scorsese. There’s something of a giddy and star-struck quality about seeing all these guys ‘in the same room’ in one film.

Their opinions all lay somewhere on the spectrum between open-arms acceptance and defiant skepticism. While the likes of James Cameron and George Lucas have gone digital and never looked back, many other Hollywood heavyweights still cling to celluloid film like a sentimental teddy bear. Which I say is fair enough: celluloid has been the standard since the birth of cinema. But like other industries, cinema is facing a tech overhaul. The reality of it says adapt, or be left behind.

Side By Side was provocative and told me things I didn’t know, but without being condescending. It was a ‘star-studded cast’, but not the monotonous Valentine’s Day kind. Too bad the last session in the Auckland leg of NZIFF has been sold out! Look ahead to a return to theaters, or at least a probable release to public libraries.

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