Film Revvy: NZIFF Presents ‘The Cabin in the Woods’

This is PBJ, and I have things to say about The Cabin in the Woods!

IMDB User Rating: 7.8/10 Rating: 90% Positive

PBJ’s Rating: 8.5/10 ♥’s

My cinephile flatmate and I crowded into Auckland’s Civic Theare with over 2,000 other film junkies to see The Cabin in the Woods, a horror-flick-like-no-other! Produced by Joss Whedon [director of The Avengers, in case you’ve been living under a rock], the base story is classic horror trash: a group of kids wander off into the woods to party, chaos ensues.

Without spoiling the soup, I’ll embellish only a little on what the trailer shows. The Cabin in the Woods is a setup, a kind of Hunger Games meets Saw situation: a group of twisted scientists lure these teens to their own little slaughtering ground and make a show of it, taking bets and watching every moment. Manipulations of the ‘arena’ through controlled gases and on-demand zombies make things interesting.

Two things about this movie rocked my socks right off:

1. Once you know that setup, it seems straightforward. But then scene after scene, any notion of predictability just gets pummeled. The first third of the movie is the predictable part, but if you’d done some digging on the film beforehand [like most good little moviegoers should!] then you’d know this familiar friend wasn’t here to stay.

2. This movie is hilarious! If I wasn’t tensing from toes to top I was LOL-ing all over the show! Self-reflexivity is what we call it in film geek world: where a film examines itself. CITW pokes fun at every clichéd line of dialogue and situation worked into most horror films nowadays. The film’s tagline: “If you hear a strange sound outside… have sex.”

Also this gem moment from the film: “The wind must’ve blown [the creepy and inviting basement door] open” says the token tough-guy jock. 

Overall, this film was massively enjoyable. The originality afforded in the last act [you’ll have to watch it to find out, or if you’re a movie troll spoilers are here] is loaded with WTF-ness, out-of-the-blue elements, and gore. Lots of gore. A great cult choice for the NZIFF this year!

The second [and last] showing in Auckland is tomorrow night, get tickets here! Otherwise look for The Cabin in the Woods on DVD in the coming months.

Thanks for reading!

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