Film Revvy: NZIFF Presents Animation for Kids [Highlights, Part2]

This is PBJ, and I have [more] things to say about NZIFF “Animation for Kids”!

PBJ’s Rating: 7.5/10 ♥’s

This year’s lineup of animated films ‘for kids’ offers up an admirable range of traditional animation, live action hybrid, and CGI shorts. Two particularly special shorts rounded out the series, Mario Adamson’s claymation I Am Round [see part one of this review] and Corinne Ladeinde’s 2-D portait, Ernesto.

Ernesto was my no.2 after I Am Roundoffering a lighter message but with just as much charm. Ernesto is the last of his schoolmates to start losing his baby teeth, which at his age is obviously cool as.

Without giving away too much I will hone in on the story’s perceived message is about not being in a hurry to grow up! As a kid at heart, I loved this little quip. You’ll have to go buy a ticket for yourself and the little kids [or other big kids] in your life to see what I mean.


Thanks for reading!

Images courtesy of: NZIFF


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