Film Revvy: NZIFF Presents ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’.

This is PBJ, and I have things to say about Beasts of the Southern Wild!

NZIFF is one my yearly unhealthy obsessions [I topped out at 35 films and 3 illnesses during last year’s festival]. Following the year’s hottest films, many of them fresh from debuts at Cannes and Sundance, NZIFF is one of New Zealand’s favourite cultural events. This year’s fest of world-expanding, socially challenging, and just plain strange cinematic works opened with a resounding  WHOA! in Beasts of the Southern Wild.

IMDB User Rating: 7.5/10 Rating: 85% Positive

PBJ’s Rating: 9/10 ♥’sNewcomer director Benh Zeitlin plunges us into the world of ‘The Bathtub’, a remote bayou region on the outskirts of New Orleans. BOTSW follows Hushpuppy, an achieved adventurer in her own right, as she contemplates the gravity of her actions within the universe while walking a tightrope of impending orphanhood. Whoa, too heavy bro. In all honesty though, the festival’s opening night feature was one of the most magical, astounding films I’ve seen in years. Many reviewers find their feelings for BOTSW hard to explain; the only way I can describe it as wonderfully weird. Something a cross between Where the Wild Things Are and Forrest Gump

See the trailer here and buy tickets to the July 26 showing! Be quick, these tickets will go fast!

Images courtesy of: and Fox Searchlight Pictures


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